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1Ummah FM is updating the content on a regular basis, suggest any type of content you would like to hear, Lectures, Quran Reciters, Nasheeds and Artist, More Live Programming with topical issues covered…Be part of the Ummah be part of 1Ummah FM


We are One Ummah

We are Reading’s only full time Muslim Radio station serving the Muslim community broadcasting on 95.6FM and online, we have a jam packed schedule full of eng
aging discussions, debates and knowledge for all our listeners so stay tuned.

A volunteer run radio station which is firmly rooted in the Muslim and wider community, we are a non profit organisation which aims to bring a wide range of programmes to already growing and mixed Muslim community.

We had been operating as a Ramadan Radio station since 2003, and received the full time license in 2010, and went live in November 2011.

1 Ummah FM costs money to run – for licences, the transmitter, equipment, premises and other day-to-day costs. That means we’re dependent on our sponsors, advertisers, listeners and supporters to help us maintain and improve our service.

We welcome sponsorship and advertising for local and national businesses for our programmes, If you’d like to discuss sponsorship options please contact us at ads(at)

We broadcast a mix of Quranic Recitation, with translations in English, Urdu, nasheeds in English, Arabic and Urdu, local people doing live shows with topics ranging from local to global issues.


  • 1 Ummah FM is amazing tool for our community and love the variety of live shows aired…

  • I have benefitted so much from Imam Farukh’s shows on Tafseer al Quran and Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in English, they are consistent and a great benefit for all the community…

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